Sunday, 26 October 2008

My 2008-09 NBA predictions

Impeccably timed, here are my 2009 NBA predictions. If I'm right, I will gloat incredibly in May. If I'm wrong, I'll bury this post and go hide with Osama Bin Laden in his secret pink and yellow cave, never to be seen again.

Eastern Conference:

  1. Detroit
  2. Boston
  3. Cleveland
  4. Orlando
  5. Philadelphia
  6. Toronto
  7. Atlanta
  8. Washington
  9. Milwaukee
  10. Indiana
  11. Chicago
  12. Miami
  13. Charlotte
  14. New Jersey
  15. New York

I didn't want to put the (my) pistons top. The last 3 conference-finals losses beg me to surrender to reality and accept that Detroit are no longer the best team in the east, a title that I'd be foolish to take away from the Celtics. But it seems false hope has got the better of me, and I genuinely believe that they can finally pull it off this year. The core of Billups, Hamilton, Prince and Wallace are still together, and now have Amir Johnson stepping into the starting lineup, a young, athletic, defensively solid player who can most likely maintain an important role with the starters, nothing major expected of him, just tear down the boards and play solid D. The bench consists of 3 players capable of starting on most other teams, and starring on some lottery bound, McDyess, Stuckey and Maxiell. The team's topped off with rookie coach Michael Curry, a defensive minded motivator, exactly what the team needs.

As for Boston, I can't take anything away from them. All due respect for them winning it all last year, they truly were the best team in the league and deserved that seventeenth banner. This season their core's basically the same, they have a legitimate chance of a repeat, and nobody would be surprised if their fingers are twice as shiny come next summer.

Cleveland are the final eastern conference team with a realistic goal of a title. Obviously, any team with LeBron James is a contender, and with offensive help arriving in the form of Mo Williams, Clevelanders can finally have realistic hope for a sports championship (then have their dreams shattered in summer 2010, but that's another story). Mo and LeBron both like creating for themselves offensively, and it should be interesting to see whether or not they can click well enough to make a productive offense.

Orlando will easily win there division, however I can't see them progressing any further than that. Once Turkoglu's contract expires, the magic will surely not be able to make any substantial offer after the ludicrous contract given to Lewis, and taking another step back in the process.

The Sixers are a threat. They have alot of youth (Iguodala, Young, Williams) and a veteran point guard, add to that a consistent 20 & 10 All-Star, you have a 50+ win team.

Adding Jermaine O'neal to the Raps should only make the team better, and with Calderon running the point paired with an All-Star year from Chris Bosh, a 50 win season should be on the cards.

The Hawks are young, constantly improving, and a dangerous team people may be sleeping on. Not good enough to compete with the above six but should make the playoffs.

Back in the 2007 season, I remember Washington being top of the east, and Detroit's biggest threat in the conference. A few injuries later and you have yet another first round loss to the Cavs. With Arenas now sitting out the start of the season, Washington's future doesn't look to bright. Playoffs are a strong possibility, but I wouldn't be surprised if I see them in the lottery, not based on lack of a talented team, but the fact they can't last a year without injuries.

Milwaukee, like Atlanta are also a young side, now with the addition of Jefferson. Out of all the remaining teams, they have the most potential. I wouldn't be surprised if they made the playoffs.

Indiana finally have Jermaine O'Neal off their backs, and pick up a decent point guard because of it. Not in my eyes a playoff team, but could make some impact in time.

Chicago. 49 wins, to 33 wins, to #1 pick to what I predict is another lottery. Unless Derrick Rose does something special, it will take even more time for the bulls to get back to winning ways again.

i have a bright future in Wade and Beasley, and have Marion wanting to prove something this year as well. Other than that, the Heat don't have much else. If all else fails, they'll still have good old fashioned sex appeal.

Appointing Larry Brown head coach is a great move for the Bobcats, and because of this I may regret ranking them this low. As well as that, Adam Morrison is magnificently beautiful.

2010 is getting closer and closer for the Nets. Until then, they can enjoy multiple trips to the lottery.

If you aren't familiar with New York Knicks basketball, this clip just about sums it up.

I pretty much stated the obvious there, but that's my Eastern Conference predictions.

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