Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Game Notes: Cavs at Celtics

IT'S BACK!!!!! WOO!!!!

Pre-game is quite emotional. seeing the faces of Paul, Ray and KG actually brought a tear to my eye. As expected, the cavs weren't present at the ring ceremony.

1st quarter:

  • LeBron starts fast paced, scored his first jumper then missed a wild driving layup and a contested 3 (taken within the first 8 seconds of the shotclock). I actually seen him take a defensive stance against Paul Pierce. It appears this season LeBron is serious.
  • Delonte West has new hair, and reminds me of an escaped Irish paedophile.
  • Mo Williams hits an early 3.
  • The Cavs are strugling to stop Pierce's penitration. he must have 2 layups and an and-one already.
  • My TV says it's 16-8 and nba.com says its 52-49. It's great to live in England.
  • Pierce gets another and-one. Perhaps LeBron is waiting until next season to start playing defense.
  • 3:09 left, Celtics over the foul limit already.
  • Leon Powe posts up Szczerbiak gets the celtic's 3rd and-one of the game.
  • Delonte West throws it into Varejao in the post. He passes it out and runs a pick and roll from the wing. The screen is unsuccessful, so the play is ran again, resulting in a turnover.
  • Varejo tries to defend KG, fails.
  • LeBron is very Trigger happy tonight, bricks a 17 footer.
  • LeBron runs the same Varejao play, and Varejao throws it into 4 celtics players
  • KG scores on varejo again.
  • The Varejao play actually works this time.
  • Pierce finishes the quarter draining a buzzer-beater in Bron's face. Ouch.
  • Cavs 28-22 Celtics.

2nd quarter:

  • Mike Brown's offensive schemes puzzle me. Boobie ran a circle from the left wing past the baseline through 3 cavs, not one setting a successful screen, Gibson then gets the ball at the elbow and puts up an off-balance, contested shot. Brick.
  • Szczerbiak passes out of bounds.
  • More offensive rebounds for the celtics. The cavs are lacking a dominant inside presence.
  • Ridiculous shot by Tony Allen, somehow scores.
  • Not exactly a coaching duel. The Cavs offense involves unneccessary plays without results, and the celtics offense seems basic, i.e. give KG the ball in the post and get out his way. I guess its fair to point out that both teams play top notch defense.
  • Varejao bricks the 15 footer. Why is he involved so much in this offense? He's a good offensive rebounder, but there running plays through him like he's Nowitzki or KG.
  • Gibson scores an interesting layup, 35-28, next play gets the and-one.
  • Cavs miss an open jumper from the elbow. Allen misses the long 2. Not the best of games offensively.
  • KG and Ben Wallace (no he isn't dead) checks in.
  • Cleveland somehow up 41-30 with 5:30 left.
  • Bron checks in.
  • Ben Wallace attemps to dribble, resulting in a turnover and fast break points.
  • Bron takes ANOTHER ill advised shot, and misses. He's playing awful so far, but it seems like he's a ticking time bomb. It's only a matter of time before he explodes.
  • LeBron dribbles out the majority of the shotclock but can't create anything. Credit to the celtics D, shotclock against the cavs.
  • Williams misses an ill advised 3. pierce misses an open 3. Cavs get a turnover on the fast break. Rondo crosses up his man and gets contact at the rim.
  • Cleveland still winning 42-36, 3:10 left.
  • Cavs screen down for Szczerbiak, who runs a high pik and roll with Ilgauskas, the defense rotates well but Z absorbs the contact from Perkins and goes to the line.
  • Wallace blocks a garnett jumpshot, only for pierce to drain his and beat the shotclock.
  • West to Bron alley oop when pierce got caught ball watching. this was rather tasty.
  • Alllen scores. West scores. 48-40 to the cavs.
  • Beautifil move to the basket by rondo.
  • Bron gets the foul, seems to be moaning about something. He has unbelievable talent, but I can't help dislike him.
  • Last minute, Gibson dribbles out the clock, passes to Szerbiack who misses a constested three. KG misses the 3 at the buzzer. The cavs offense is ugly, but they end the half up 50-43

3rd quarter:

  • Imagine if Kendick Perkins could shoot from mid-range. The celtics have one play that involves the ball in his hands at the elbow waiting for some off ball movement. As this occurs, his defender stands under the rim. I remember this happening countless times in the playoffs. Pierce scores an open three at the end of this play, so I guess it works anyway.
  • ANOTHER bad shot selection from LeBron.
  • and again.
  • Allen sinks a 3. West misses one. West then misses a 18 footer on the fast break.
  • Celtics within one now, 51-52. About time. Timeout Cleveland.
  • Z screens down for James, who bounce passes to Ilgauskas' knees. Turnover.
  • Rondo scores at the basket again.
  • Hard foul on Rondo this time. He puts the celtics up 53-52.
  • LeBron, do you have any consideration for how stupid or ridiculous a shot is? I thought you'd stop taking them kind if shots this year. Guess I was wrong.
  • Ilgauskas slips on a post move, but manages to flip it in. Next possession he tries another post up against KG. Travel.
  • Travel on Garnett, quite suprising.
  • Williams scores a 3, cavs up 2.
  • Cleveland turnover.Boston score.
  • James scores on Pierce. 59-59
  • Very accurate pass from Szczerbiak to Ray Allen.
  • I miss a play finding out if I'm spelling Szczerbiak's name right.
  • Hilarious 1 on 1 move by Varejao.
  • James Drains a bad shot now.
  • It's 3 am.
  • I go brush my teeth during the break. I hear the english commentator try to explain what a shooting guard is; 'the 2 guard is the one taking a jumpshot.' I express my disgust for this nation's lack of interest for the sport. I eventually realise I'm talking in the present tense.
  • A missed free throw was on course to land safely in Szczerbiak's hands, when stat-whore LeBron jumps in front of him and takes the rebound for himself.
  • 3 from Pierce then a 2 from pierce.
  • Szczerbiak misses an open 3, and chooses to not jump on his jumpshot.
  • Cavs are over the limit and Powe makes it 65-63 with a minute left.
  • This celtics lead has been inevitable all game.
  • The cavs seem futile against the Celtics Defense.
  • It seems that ticking time-bomb isn't going off tonight.
  • The celtics defense is now destroying the cavs.
  • end of the 3rd, 67-63

At the quarter break we get a glimse of the upcoming english TV schedule. Detroit @ San Antonio. No wonder this country loves this sport so much.

4th quarter:

  • Pierce hits a layup over LBJ.
  • Tony Allen and-one.
  • It's just occured to me that I haven't decided who I want to win.
  • Cavs miss a 3.
  • Another and-one by Tony Allen, both very nice moves.
  • Ugly shot from Pavlovic. It's a 6 point game but there's no way the Cavs will win this game.
  • LEON POWE!!!!
  • That was worth a rewind.
  • LEON POWE!!!!!!!!!! FACIAL ON WEST. We're aloud a temporary break from the absolute boredom of this game.
  • Powe calls a charge on defense.
  • 7:26 left, celtics up 8 and KG checks in for Powe.
  • Nice move by Mo Williams in the fast break, driving and dishing to Varejao for an and-one.
  • Good D on KG by Varejao and the entire cavs team, shotclock on the celtics.
  • James gets it in the post, doubled, takes it out to 3, uses a Varejo screen and gets to the basket, missing a layup contested by 3 different celtics.
  • Beautiful dunk by the celtics mascot over some cheerleaders and a baseball player. I know this isn't important, but the basketball's getting boring.
  • Rondo's playing very well. 82-76.
  • James misses another 3, Varejao gets another offensive rebound.
  • 4:00 remaining and a 4 point game, a bogus charge called on Ilgauskas.
  • The balls bounces of Varejao out of bounds.
  • Why does he have that hair? Does he try to look stupid?
  • The refs actually call a travel on LeBron James. Hopefully a sign of things to come.
  • Cavs run a high pick and roll and Ilgauskas Bricks from 20 feet.
  • Allen blocked in the post, Williams to LeBron for a thunderous dunk.
  • Garnett swishes the baseline jumper, 85-80 to the celtics.
  • 1:30 to go, KG goes 1 of 2 from the line. Not on form tonight.
  • Williams three! 83-86
  • Pierce spins on James, dumps it into the post, airball with no foul, cavs have possession with 50 seconds left!
  • James uses an Ilgauskas screen and misses the drifting bank shot in the lane!
  • Celtics ball with 30 seconds left! I've overused the exclaimation mark!
  • Timeout Boston. 14 second shotclock differential.
  • Pierce misses a fadeaway over Varejao, timeout Cleveland.
  • Expecting a LeBron James isolation out of the timeout.
  • Mike Brown suprises us all with a LeBron James isolation out of the timeout.
  • He drives and gets fouled, goes to the line for 2.
  • I have a strange feeling he'll miss them both.
  • He misses the first!
  • Scoores the second. 84-86
  • Powe dunks on Varejao, and the foul!!!
  • Game over.
  • There's actually 4.8 seconds left with LeBron at the line. He misses the first, makes the second again.
  • Last play of the game; Varejao attempts , and misses, an open 3. Pointless, but slight comedic value.
  • Final Score: Cleveland Cavaliers 85 - 90 Boston Celtics

First game of the season and it doesn't really tell us that much. The celtics are still serious, I've overrated LeBron, and I most certaintly won't be getting up tommorrow.

Milwaukee lost to the bulls tonight. The boxscore says Jefferson went 5-17 from the field, and top pick Rose went 3-9 from the field for 11 points along with 9 assists and 4 turnovers. He had a better night than LeBron.

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